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Payroll, Employment, Immigration, Tax, Social Security and Relocation for NON-EU professionals

Welcome to Expat-Links@

We are a GEO company which provides a unique and efficient Global Employer Organization (GEO) solution for employing and paying NON-EU personnel, consultants and contractors in a 100% safe and legal way in the Netherlands.

The purpose of Expat-Links@ is to provide a viable solution, to employ and pay individuals compliantly within a foreign jurisdiction. Until such time that the corporate entity is prepared to take on these responsibilities themselves or until the business initiative and assignment is completed, or the company is awarded the sponsorship authorizations by the local government.

Expat-Links@ services

Introduction/Risk Analysis

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Legal/ Compliance Advice and Strategic Planning

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Staff Secondment and Employment Agreements

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Preparation Before Arrival

Checklists and Preparation of Templates; Obtaining Documents in Home Country.

Immigration and Relocation Assistance

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Government Required Procedures Prior and Upon Arrival

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Family Members’ Support

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30% Tax Ruling

Gross Monthly Salary: EUR 5.000,00
Net Salary Without 30%: Eur 3.240,09
Net Salary With 30%: EUR 3.980,83

Ongoing Employment

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Continued HR Support for the Employee

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Departure Support

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How does Expat-Links@ work?

  • No need to start up your own business in The Netherlands
  • No need to apply or wait for recognized sponsorship from the IND
  • No need for your (joint-venture) partner(s) and/or client(s) to hire your employees on their payroll
  • No need to bring your partners and/or clients in The Netherlands in danger (chain liability) from Immigration and Legal point of view
  • Expat-Links@ becomes the formal employer of your international employees
  • Expat-Links@ sponsors their work and residence permits
  • Within 4 weeks your employees can start living and working legally in The Netherlands
  • Salaries, tax and social contributions are paid by Expat-Links@
  • All employment related issues are taken care by Expat-Links@

Top reasons to LINK with Expat-Links@

Your Goals

  • Compliance
  • Time saving
  • Flexibility in assignment length
  • Focus on your core business
  • Up-front transparent costs
  • No project interruption or delays
  • Any size company is welcome

Our Solution

  • Specialized in secondment of NON-EU professionals
  • The Dutch immigration office’s (IND) approval and recognition to hire NON-EU professionals
  • Know-how and more than 20 years of experience
  • Responsibility and full ownership
  • Friendly approach by Expat-Links@ international staff
  • In compliance with Dutch rules and regulations
  • No bureaucracy!

Secondment calculation per employee

For a customized proposal, please contact us directly

Annual salary


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Monthly Gross salary, including 8% holiday allowance 5.366,67
Employers cost 1.180,67
Gross monthly salary + Employers cost 6.547,34
Administrative fee Expat-Links@ (ask for a customized proposal) 1.636,83
Total Cost for Cliënt 8.184,17
Payable up front per 3 months 24.552,52
Per hour 47,22


Monitored visits at recognised sponsors by IND

Since January 2018, the IND started with monitored visits at recognised sponsors. The authorities are visiting a number of recognised sponsors every week in order to check whether all conditions and requirements are being followed as expected. Deficiencies and...

Adjustment of IND’s fees

From 3rd of May 2018, the IND reduced its fees for a number of residence permits. No rates will be increased. Application New fees per 3 of May 2018 Highly-skilled migrant € 582 EU Blue Card holder € 661 Intra Corporate Transferee € 582 Work and residence permit...

Changes on the 30% ruling scheme

The Dutch government intends to reduce the duration of the 30% ruling from eight to five years as of 1st of January 2019. The reduction was agreed by the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the State Secretary of Finance. The government seems to be following the...

More information

For more information please contact Expat-Links@ at +31 (0)345-533331 or at

Loosdorp 4, 4143 LT Leerdam
The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0)345 533 331
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Loosdorp 4
4143 LT Leerdam
The Netherlands
Tel +31 (0)345 533 331
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